Simple Guide To Creating Epic Content

Many people talk a good game about writing “epic posts” — 3,000-word articles that SEO and skyscraper the hell out of the whole Internet.

I write for such clients. Insider scoop: it costs a good chunk of change to publish and promote content every day.

It’s a nice-to-have if you have a decent budget to hire an army of writers to plug away for you.

(Not “TV commercial” kind of big budget. But if you pay peanut, you get monkeys. You might as well not do it. Crap content tanks your credibility and reputation. Don’t do it.)

If you don’t have thousands to spend on cranking out thesis-length articles every other day, are you doomed?

If you don’t spend 6 hours a day writing epic stuff and neglecting everything else in your business, are you screwed?


Epic content is groundbreaking and thought-provoking. It has the potential to change the course of the conversation.

These articles are the cornerstones in your body of work.

They give you the confidence and footing you need to grow into the next phase of you.

They shouldn’t be something you casually cough up whenever you need content on your blog.

If you think you have to write an epic post every time you publish, the pressure is so high that you probably don’t get to publish enough to get good at turning your ideas into words (writing is a practice) or get the SEO juice you need for your site.

(One thing I love about “blogging” is that it gives me the sandbox to test out ideas and think out loud. If an article is embarrassingly bad, I can always “unpublish” it!)

The Small Potato’s Simple Guide to Epic Content

Let’s say you make it a practice to write one or two 500 – 1,000-word article(s) every week, each focusing on one thought or topic.

That’s good – you keep up with creating fresh content on your site (Google likes that,) articulating your thoughts, and building upon your ideas.

(Being succinct is a virtue. Look no further than Seth Godin’s 200-word daily gems.)

Then every couple of months, you look back and pull all the ideas together into a coherent article that’s “bigger” – more thoughts and more depth. Bolder and braver.

It should be a pretty organic process – when you accumulate thoughts and ideas up to a point, a clear picture will emerge. It’ll urge you to put the pieces together.

Construct a narrative. Find the golden thread (or theme.) Connect the dots. Fill in the gaps.

What do you keep talking about? What’s the underlying current?

What’s YOUR point?

Do a little bit of research to look for supporting evidence on external sites.

Link to previous articles to elaborate and consolidate your ideas. Build up your body of work. Take a stand.

Write it like you mean it. Be succinct. Don’t use fillers or regurgitated content to make it look big.

It’s not a self-gratuitous exercise.

Make your content relevant. Add value to the conversation. Create something meaningful.

This is your “epic post.”

The added clarity from articulating your message will connect you with your business.

You should be feeling the rush when you write it. You should be getting goosebumps when you read it.

When you write future articles, reference back to this “cornerstone post” often to elaborate on your ideas and formulate your body of work.

(Plus, those internal links are good for SEO too!)

Epic Traffic Systems – Pros and Cons

While venturing into the world of online marketing the problem most of the marketers face is how to generate more traffic and revenue with minimal effort. Online marketing is not as easy a task as it may sound to most people. It takes a lot of time and effort to generate sufficient amount of traffic to visit the specific websites meant for business. But the revenue in return is not that great. However, a perfect solution to this particular problem is all set to unleash in a few days time and it is called the “epic traffic systems” or the ETS. It is a one-of-a-kind program especially designed to train the marketers to generate tidal volumes of traffic using the right kind of tools necessary to conduct online trading and promotion besides catering best epic traffic systems bonuses to the customers.

The program is divided into three modules but the module 1 which is related to Autoblogging traffic and the module 3 related to paid media traffic are especially programmed to deal with the “time and monetary” constraints, the chief problems related to online marketing.

There are many pros and cons related to paid media traffic as well as Autoblogging traffic modules. The former module is all about generating huge volumes of traffic through paid media sites and paying a lesser amount for doing so. It also comes with all the training programs and tools necessary to automate the whole process of driving traffic to any sites intended. The latter one (module 3) talks about a different ball game altogether. It mainly provides automated solutions for finding or posting any blog to any site with relevant content. It also supervises the contents of blogs and articles for respective promotional items on the sites and helps in automatic updates and site configuration.

The software which comes with epic traffic systems also serves as a great tool for configuring the websites; installing data based sites, configuring the host and serving a host of facilities linked to online marketing. Besides, it also helps in driving social media and extracting the best out of it. In this regard, we must mention the best epic traffic systems bonuses a unique promotional strategy adopted by the developers of epic traffic systems to familiarize the product with the global online community.

Epic traffic systems come with some great offers from the developers. Customers are offered $1000 and $200 for second tier ups. This certainly is one of the best. Amongst the offers which seem to be one of the best epic traffic systems bonuses is one that comes with fabulous free e-gifts like iPods, iPads and even an iMac. However, the earlier you register better are your chances to win one of these fabulous free gifts that come in the form of best epic traffic systems bonuses. It’s much like the proverbial saying, the early bird catches the worm. So get out of your wet socks and get going with this unique online training module to propel you business further.

Epic Traffic Systems – Using Facebook Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Website

If you want traffic to your website, you need to master the new social media, and particularly Facebook. This article explores some of the techniques and strategies that you can use with Facebook to create epic traffic systems to drive traffic so that you can consider whether you may want to consider integrating some of these techniques into your own traffic generating arsenal.

Social Media Traffic Generation

Social media has really come into its own in the past few years. With the massive growth of web properties like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube, almost everyone who uses the Internet participates in one or more social networks.

These networks take many different forms, but all have one major thing in common – they all depend on their users to create content to share with other users. This is in stark contrast to the previous model where website owners would create and deliver content hoping that their viewership would like, consume and share it with others.

Using the user generated content model, sites like Facebook and YouTube let their users do the heavy lifting of deciding what content will appeal to their friends and then sharing that content through tools that the sites provide to make sharing easy.

The undisputed king of social media, however, is Facebook. With almost a half billion users worldwide you must be marketing on Facebook or you are missing out on an unprecedented marketing opportunity. There are several ways that you can use Facebook for traffic generation, including all of the following:

Facebook Traffic Generation

Building Traffic By Adding Friends – Facebook provides many opportunities for you to generate traffic to your site. By building a legion of “friends” you can have access to up to 5,000 people through a direct “feed” that shows up on their profile pages when they login to the system. You can push content to this feed by typing updates into your own feed, and those updates can include links to products you want to market and sell. Friends can be added by importing your contacts and sending invitations to join or by searching Facebook’s existing userbase for people you know or want to know and sending them a friend invite.

Building Traffic By Using Facebook Ads – The true genius in Facebook is its ability to access the rich data that its users provide about themselves. When you sign up for a Facebook account you have the opportunity to provide a great deal of information about yourself, your likes, dislikes, affiliations and interests. Marketers have access to this demographic data as selections available in Facebooks ads section. This allows advertisers, this means you, to really laser in on the exact demographics of the target market for any particular ad campaign.

Building Traffic Through Facebook Fan Pages – One nice thing that Facebook offers is the ability to segment your friends and your fans. If you want to keep your personal life personal and still use Facebook for business, you can create a Fan Page for your business and build a fanbase for it. Once you’ve created your fan page for whatever business you want to promote, you can send marketing messages, offers and other lead magnets to your target market to persuade them to “like” your fan page. Once they do, you have access to them through a feed to push your content, information about your product or service and send them offers targeted to their likes.

Automating Facebook Traffic Building – There are several tools on the market that allow you to automate the time consuming process of building fan pages, getting people to “like” your fan page, gathering friends and creating ads. Using these automated products can save you a great deal of time and still keep you compliant with Facebook’s terms of service.


With so many powerful ways to build traffic using Facebook, marketers cannot ignore this medium of generating traffic. However, generating traffic via Facebook can be quite time consuming. Fortunately, there are numerous services and tools that can automate many of the tasks that would take an undue amount of time to complete if they were all being done manually. If you want to build truly epic traffic systems for targeting new customers, Facebook and Facebook traffic automation tools absolutely must be in your marketing arsenal.