Epic Traffic Systems – Keith Baxter – Developer of Epic Traffic Systems

Epic Traffic Systems – Developer Keith Baxter

There’s a new traffic automation kid on the block, and it’s set to pretty much destroy every other contender while at the same time making your life a LOT easier than it has ever been. Who is this new kid? It’s Epic Traffic Systems, the brainchild of three brilliant online marketers who have taken the time to create something that is truly genius.

Keith Baxter, along with co-creators Jon Shugart and Joey Smith have taken internet marketing to the next level with their new system. ETS is a combination of traffic-getting tools and supporting training that will finally fix the disparity between effort and reward for your online marketing ventures.

One of the biggest problems facing internet marketers is the challenge of how much time and physical labor is required to get ranked and create the online real estate necessary to support a single “money site.” Faced with the amount of time that must be devoted to monetize a single site, most online entrepreneurs never even make it past the $1,000 per month mark in earnings.

Epic Traffic Systems and its suite of automation tools is poised to finally break through the time and effort barriers and once and for all give web businesses an ability to have multiple money sites, multiple supporting site networks and all the traffic that they can handle, all tied up with a bow into one remarkable system.

About Co-Creator Keith Baxter

If you’ve been exposed to internet marketing for more than a few minutes, there’s no doubt you’ve heard that Keith Baxter is the undisputed king of internet traffic generation. But here’s a little more about Keith that maybe you didn’t know…

Keith launched a popup advertising network in 1998. Back then, there wasn’t much in terms of learning resources for internet marketing, so Keith had to figure it out on his own. From being one of the first to use audio on his website to ‘media buying’ before that term was cool, Keith did it all.

Around 2002, popups were becoming a major annoyance so after a death threat, Keith thought it best to sell the network. The network sold in 2003. Just after the sale, Keith launched a private members only site where many of today’s Guru’s got their start.

In 2004, Keith purchased a software company and quickly turned that into a 7 figure business. That company was sold in 2007. In the meantime, Keith started a CPA network in 2005 before ‘CPA marketing’ was cool. That business was sold in 2009.

Keith has brokered and generated traffic for more than 12 years now, and his contribution to ETS is his crowning achievement.

Keith’s contrbution to Epic Traffic Systems is his ‘Self Contained Traffic System’ which includes all of the traffic automation software systems he and his partner,Don, use in their own personal businesses, along with step by step instructions on how to use it all. Additionally, Keith has provided ETS participants with strategy guides for applying the system to a wide variety of online businesses.